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Physicians & Surgeons: 50 Business Listings for physicians and surgeons in Montrose, CO

Montrose has it all for Health and Wellness, a thriving medical practice community, a large regional hospital, dental and oral surgery practices, mental health services including counseling,  health support services, and exercise facilities for a whole body experience. Montrose Memorial Hospital ( a non-profit hospital was founded in 1949. Our 75 bed unit provides a full range of medical services to meet the needs of Locals and Visitors. Montrose Memorial is classified as an “Acute Care Hospital” which provides inpatient medical care, related services for surgery, acute medical conditions or injuries. With a staff of 80 physicians serving 18 medical specialties our local hospital provides exceptional service to the community. The hospital also operates clinics in Olathe and Naturita in the West End of Montrose County.

Montrose Memorial Hospital:  970-249-2211

Basin Clinic, Naturita:  970-865-2665

Olathe Medical Clinic:  970-323-6141


Black Canyon Surgeons:  970-240-0378


San Juan Cancer Center:  970-240-7242


Hanley Dermatology & Skin Care Center:  970-252-7444

Ear, Nose & Throat:

Colorado Ear, Nose & Throat:  970-249-6968

Montrose Ear, Nose & Throat:  970-249-3800


Buchanan Family Eye Care:  970-240-0439

Colorado West Ophthalmology Associates:  970-249-1210

Family Medicine:

Bell Family Clinic:  970-240-3900

Brethower, Robert DO:  970-249-3466

Colorow Family Medical Center:  970-323-8603

Devita-Bailey, Julie DO; Sullinger, Tim MD:  970-252-9165

Frazetta, Gayle MD:  970-252-9644

Green, Darrin MD:  970-249-3322

Krebs, Jeffrey DO:  970-249-9678

Miller, Mindy MD; Peterson, Linda MD:  970-240-8199

Mountain Peaks Urgent Care:  970-249-2118

O’Mera, Patrick DO:  970-240-3775

Pediatric Associates:  970-249-2421

San Juan Family Medicine:  970-240-0378

Strangebye, Lars MD:  970-240-4311

Tipping, Craig DO:  970-240-4606

VanGimert, Robert MD:  970-249-6670


Alpine Women’s Center:  970-249-6737

Delta Montrose Women’s Health Care:  970-252-3450


Montrose Memorial Hospital Cardiology Clinic:  970-252-1020

Internal Medicine:

Internal Medicine Specialty Group:  970-249-7751


Childbirth Awareness:  970-249-5125

Nurse Midwife Services of Montrose Memorial Hospital:  970-252-2542


Hehmann, Michael MD:  970-249-4665


Delta Montrose Women’s Health Care:  970-252-3450

Strangebye, Lars MD:  970-240-4311


Western Slope Orthopaedics:  970-249-6641


Montrose Wellness Center:  970-252-9644


The Pediatric Associates:  970-249-2421


Good, M David MD:  970-249-0442

Trautner, Paula:  970-249-6116

Wallingford, Richard MD:  970-249-1238

Surgery, Foot & Ankle:

Blue Mesa Foot & Ankle Centers:  970-252-3470

San Juan Foot and Ankle Center:  970-240-3338

Surgery, General:

Black Canyon Surgeons:  970-240-0378

Montrose Surgical Associates:  970-249-4321

Surgery, Orthopedic:

Western Slope Orthopaedics:  970-249-6641

Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive:

Henderson, Patric DO:  970-249-6968

Surgery, Urological:

San Juan Urology:  970-249-2291

Surgery, Vascular:

Black Canyon Surgeons:  970-240-0378

Montrose Surgical Associates:  970-249-4321

Physicians & Surgeons, Podiatric:

Blue Mesa Foot & Ankle Centers:  970-252-3470

Behen, Edward DPM:  970-249-6363

San Juan Foot & Ankle Center:  970-240-3338

Physician & Surgeon Referral:

Physician Referral Service:  970-240-7374