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Investments:  10 Business Listings for Investments in Montrose, CO.

Shelley A. Kelly

Licensed Insurance Agent

25 N. Stough Ave., Montrose, CO


Questions on your current IRA or 401K Plan or thinking of establishing a retirement account?  Call me for a review appointment today.

*Securities offered through Sunset Financial Services, Inc. 3520 Broadway, Kansas City, MO  64111 (816)763-7000 (Home Office) Member FINRA/SIPC

Ron Smith, Financial Advisor

Edward Jones

701 E Main St., Ste. F, Montrose, CO


We offer numerous investments and services to help you reach your financial goals, including smart spending and borrowing options, retirement, paying for education, estate considerations and protecting your assets. Please contact me for more information.

Claystar Agency:  970-249-5535

Colorado West Investments:  970-249-9882

Edward Jones:  970-249-2381, 970-240-3114, 970-249-0786, 970-252-1819

Elderado Financial Inc:  970-249-9900

Four Seasons Investment Advisors:  970-252-7471

High Country Capital Management:  970-249-3499

Kubin Financial Services:  970-249-2826

Wells Fargo Advisors:  970-252-0765

Winvest Capital Management:  970-249-3602

Credit Unions:  2 Business Listings for Credit Unions in Montrose, CO.

NuVista Credit Union:  970-249-881

San Juan Mountains Credit Union:  970-249-5319

Bookkeeping Service:  13 Business Listings for bookkeeping service in Montrose, CO.

San Juan Bookkeeping Services LLC.

25 N. Stough Ave., Montrose, CO


Your Montrose Bookkeeping specialists with services including payroll processing, fixed asset management, tax reporting and registration, and Quick Books data entry.  We support area businesses with a full line of services!

ASAP Accounting & Payroll Services:  970-249-3334

Affordable Accounting:  970-240-2712

Alpine Data Tax Service:  970-249-4322

Bea Froehde Accounting Service:  970-240-8570

Business Options Accounting Services:  970-249-1805

Dalby, Wendland & Co:  970-249-7701

Johnson, Michael, CPA:  970-249-0336

Mayberry, Nona CPA:  970-240-9377

McKenna & Associates:  970-249-3499

Montrose Data Service:  970-249-7711

Teresa Campbell CPA:  970-249-7973

Your Bookie:  970-240-1308

Banks:  9 Business listings for Banks in Montrose, CO.

Academy Bank:  970-249-1589

Alpine Bank:  970-240-0900

Bank of Colorado:  970-240-4788

Bank of the West:  970-249-1111

Community Banks of Colorado:  970-252-9076

Montrose Bank:  970-249-3408

Timberline Bank:  970-240-5489

Vectra Bank:  970-249-6635

Wells Fargo Bank:  970-249-2000

Accountants:  28 Business Listings for Accountants in Montrose, CO.

Professional Tax Services LLC.

Timothy H. Slone, CPA

25 N. Stough Ave., Montrose, CO


I am a service-oriented professional providing accounting, financial, and tax-related services to individuals and business owners alike. I specialize in working with the business owner to minimize their tax burden while maximizing personal wealth.

ASAP Accounting:  970-249-3334

Affordable Accounting:  970-240-2712

Bea Froehde Accounting:  970-240-8570

Cooper Accounting & Tax:  970-323-5448

Montrose Data Service:  970-249-7711

Peters & Co:  970-249-9239

Abel Charles CPA:  970-249-8555

Bridges Jean CPA:  970-249-2633

Cook, Ray  CPA

Decker & Cook CPA

Brooks Michael CPA:  970-249-4909

Campbell Teresa CPA PC:  970-249-7973

Corey Steven CPA:  970-249-5134

Dalby, Wendland, & CO:  970-249-7701

Donald R Moreland CPA:  970-249-3424

Grosskopf & Groskopf CPA:  970-249-7738

Johnson Michael CPA:  970-249-0336

Maxfield Peterson:  970-249-9074

Mayberry Nona CPA:  970-240-9377

McGuire & Assoc CPA:  970-249-1628

McKenna & Assoc CPA:  970-249-3499

Middleton Accounting:  970-252-1901

Pollard Mary  CPA:  970-240-9096

Ullemeyer Hayes CPA:  970-252-8900

Financial Services:  110 Business Listings including, accountants, banks, credit unions,  insurance,

investments, and tax return filing in Montrose, CO.

Counseling & Mental Health Services:  16 Business Listings for counseling and mental health services in Montrose, CO.


Anna Adams:  970-252-3855

Baize Larry:  970-252-0888

Center for Mental Health:  970-252-3200

Constance Converse, Cooper Erik:  970-901-6142

Counseling Place:  970-249-2913

Dawson Eugene:  970-252-3941

Krupa Marlene:  970-901-7475

Lang & Lang:  970-249-9067

Montrose-Delta New Directions:  970-249-2134

San Juan Counseling:  970-209-8359

Schofield Pam:  970-252-0911

Taylor Behavioral Health:  970-249-4448

Warner Steven:  970-252-1586

Mental Health Services:

Center for Mental Health:  970-252-3200

Counseling Place:  970-249-2913

Dream Catcher Therapy:  970-323-5400

Dentists:  26 Business Listings for Dentists in Montrose, CO.

Alexander Charles:  970-249-0444

Black Canyon Dental:  970-240-8880

Bloss Christine:  970-249-2077

Boisen Dorcha, Cayo Craig:  970-240-4485

Burtis Haney:  970-249-9540

Cimarron Dental:  970-240-0505

Clader Daniel:  970-249-6955

Colorado West Endodontics:  970-240-8954

Community Dental Clinic:  970-252-8896

Cory Kenneth:  970-249-4249

Daniel K Drakulich:  970-249-9811

Delio Anthony:  970-249-8828

Drazek John:  970-249-1065

Graff Christopher:  970-249-4917

Hansen Douglas:  970-249-3330

Johnson Brent:  970-249-9096

Martinson Sharlene:  970-249-2533

Means James:  970-249-4457

McGowan Michael:  970-249-4301

Mountain West Periodontal:  970-243-9640

Scott James:  970-323-6828

Smiles 4 Kids:  970-249-8595

Stucky James:  970-249-8595

Tippets Derren:  970-240-8694

Tober Dental:  970-249-1733

Tyler H Jolley:  970-523-6333

Stoves/Fireplace Dealers:  6 Business Listings, including chimney sweeps in Montrose, CO.

Alpine Stove & Fireplace:  970-240-3647

Colorado Fireside:  970-249-773

Inside & Out-Fireplace & Patio:  970-240-3244


Chimney Sweeps:

Clean Sweep:  970-417-8532

Colorado Fireside, The Flue Doctor:  970-249-7731

Dave’s Chimney & Stove:  970-249-2993