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How Many Pieces Should Go In Your Electronic Drum Set?

An electronic drum set can work in many ways. You can get your drum kit working with an assorted variety of pieces that will produce sounds similar to what you would get out of a traditional drum kit.

But how many pieces do you require out of your drum set? You’ve got to look at how well you can get your drum kit ready, so you’ll have enough pieces for the distinct sounds that you want to produce. The points here are recommendations, but you should plan your set out accordingly based on what you know you can work with.

Consider the Zone Pads

The zone pads that you will use on your drum set are the most important points for you to utilize. You have to get enough of these pads around each part of the drum kit to produce a realistic feel for how you’ll play the drums. You can get those pads configured to work with different sound tones as you see fit.

A good rule of thumb is to have four of these in your kit, although you can work with as many as you feel are needed. Most companies that make these drum kits sell them with four of these, although they allow users to be flexible over how many pieces are to be linked up at a time. The flexibility helps with producing a better organic setup for most uses depending on what one wants.

You can also use a smaller number of these pieces if you’re looking for a minimalist approach to your work. You might also prefer to place emphasis on other notes that you want to produce. You can control your sounds on the instrument in any way you see fit, although you have to plan these accordingly.

Cymbal Points

The cymbal pieces in your electronic drum set will be different from the zone pads in that those cymbals will look like the real things. You should aim for two or three of these pieces. You can produce the first one near the left-most zone pad. The other two can go on the opposite corners of the middle pads. The design would create a layout similar to what a real drum kit offers.

How About the Kick Drum?

You can use one or two kick drums in your set. KaraokeBananza provides some amazing kick drums. You can get these to link up to a set, but you must check on how they will produce sounds. Having one kick drum piece that produces a different tone from the second one is a good idea to consider. The two parts should be placed far enough from one another so you can control them right while having enough support with making the content work for your desires.

Review the Control Panel

While you can get as many pieces in your drum kit as desired, you have to look at how well your drum kit’s control panel can work with these features in mind. Your panel needs to have enough controls for all of these pieces that you wish to work with. The control setup should be helpful enough for handling all of the points that you want to utilize in your kit.

Consider Your Talent Level and Playing Style

Regardless of the electronic drum set you utilize, you need to look at how well you can play drums. You should not use more pieces than whatever you can afford to work with at a time. You can always train yourself to work with more items on your drum set, but it is best to avoid anything that you’re not comfortable with utilizing.

See how well you’re going to get your electronic drum set arranged based on the number of pieces you will utilize. Your ability to handle the electronic drums is essential to your success with the instrument and how well you are going to play with it.

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