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Crested Butte Restaurant Week:  June

Residents and visitors alike will delight in the annual Crested Butte Restaurant Week June 8-15, 2012, highlighting local eateries and lodging establishments in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Crested Butte is situated at an astonishing 8,885 feet above sea level, where diners and overnight guests will revel and relax to their hearts’ content for meals or lodging starting at $88.85. starting at $8.85 for a single lunch and $88.85 for dinner for four.壁炉, 圣诞节, 圣诞节午餐, 节日, 火, 节日快乐, 节日的问候, 设置

Crested Butte is renowned for its superb restaurants and quaint, historic bed and breakfasts, inns, lodges and hotels that are surrounded by pristine National Forest and stunning mountain views.  Dining is

exquisite, as noted by Michael Carlton of The Denver Post, “Crested Butte has more fine restaurants per capita than any other town in the U.S.”

Participating restaurants will offer single lunches starting at $8.85 and $88.85 for multi-course dinners for four. Restaurants may offer several choices, and some may include wine or other beverages in the fixed price.  Restaurants will also have their usual a la carte menus available at regular prices.  Establishments that do not serve dinner will provide multi-course lunch promotions for $8.85.  Special lodging rates will be available every night throughout Crested Butte Restaurant Week starting at $88.85 per bedroom, per night.  Note:  All prices exclude taxes and service.

Cherry Days in Paonia:  July

Cherry Days will be 66 years old this July 4-8th, 2012, but to the youngsters who will eat cotton candy and corn dogs, thrill to the rides and watch the July 4th parade, the celebration will seem wondrous and new. Downtown Paonia is the bee’s knees.  We all know that, but downtown gets a little more hip during the 66th Annual cherry Days with a Celebration of Grand Avenue.  Hosted by downtown Paonia’s premier events centres, the Paradise Theatre and the Blue Sage Center for the Arts. During this celebration of downtown, visitors can enjoy interactive art activities, live entertainment, comedy and more.  To the thousands of older folks who remember past Cherry Days, come back to 1947, this year’s celebration will be a mix of the familiar and the new.

Also, the Paonia Chamber of Commerce sponsors this festival to provide artists and craftsmen with a venue to showcase and sell their work.

Artists Alpine Holiday:  August

This 9-day event is the 52nd Artists’ Alpine Holiday starting on Friday, August