Computers/Networking/Repair:   12 Business listings for computer repair and networking in Montrose, Colorado.

Silicon Flow

Computer Repair, Training Classes, Web Site Design

888. 882. 2724

Our services are in a way a public service to allow people to enjoy their computers. We hope to enable our customers to take advantage of all the possibilities their computers can  help them with. We take our time to explain all of our work and recommendations in plain language so that our customers are comfortable and respected! We serve Montrose, Delta and Mesa Counties.

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Affordable Computer Solutions:  970-240-9677

Byte Back:  970-249-9123

Cedar Creek Computer Services:  970-240-4499

Computer Business Solutions  :  970-249-0678

Computer Company:  970-249-1718

Computer Guy & Web Services:  970-240-9460

Deeply Digital:  970-249-8848

Desktop Rescue:  970-240-8924

Image Systems Plus:  970-240-1933

One Track Communications:  970-249-4307

Rocky Mountain Computer Solutions:  970-240-4401…

Chiropractors:  17 Business Listings under chiropractors in Montrose, CO.

Alpine Health Care:  970-249-7377

Areman Amanda:  970-240-8400

Atlas Chiropractic, Brittan Kathyrn:  970-252-0378

Avery Chiropractic:  970-249-2471

Bradley Jack:  970-252-8255

Canyon Chiropractic Wellness:  970-240-2181

Dunnigan Chiropractic:  970-252-3360

Edeker Brett:  970-240-2181

Edgar Ken:  970-249-7377

Good News Chiropractic:  970-252-8255

Hoover Chiropractic Group:  970-249-2233

Kippert Chiropractic:  970-249-2910

Lundberg Chiropractic:  970-249-9626

Mesa Family Chiropractic:  970-249-4213

Modrell Family & Sports Chiropractic:  970-240-4500

Montrose Chiropractic Center, Unger John:  970-249-5551

San Juan Chiropractic:  970-249-5551…

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning:  27  Business Listings, including carpet & upholstery cleaning,drapery & curtain cleaners,  fire & water damage restiration, and laundries in Montrose, CO.

Carpet Cleaners & Upholstery Cleaning:

Absolute Best Carpet Cleaning:  970-240-0164

Big Bear Chem-dry:  970-249-5669

Clean as a Whistle:  970-249-2284

DeJullio Carpet Cleaning:  970-249-1970

Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning:  970-249-4778

Manns Carpet Cleaning:  970-249-6738

Montrose Carpet Cleaning:  970-252-0531

Mountain Clean:  970-240-0181

Royal Restoration:  970-249-5353

Service Master:  970-249-2952

Super Clean:  970-249-9123

Timberline Carpet & Upholstery Care: 970-417-4489

Drapery & Curtain Cleaners:

Best Window Coverings:  970-275-1843

Canyon Cleaners:  970-249-9500

Kilbane’s Cleaners:  970-249-4434

Milpro Colorado Ave Cleaners:  970-252-8011

Fire & Water Damage Restoration:

Mountain Crawl Space:  970-241-9999

ATC Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery:  970-901-5511

Clean As A Whistle:  970-249-2284

Mann’s Carpet Cleaning & Restoration:  970-249-2284

Royal Restoration:  970-249-5353

Servicemaster:  970-249-2952

ServePro:  970-241-8181


Canyon Cleaners & Shirt Laundry:  970-249-9500

Milpro Colo Ave Cleaners:  970-252-8011

Southside Laundry:  970-240-3419…

Attorneys:  37 Business Listings for attorneys in Montrose, CO.

Bradley, Devitt, Haas & Watkins:  970-249-4488

Brooks, Aaron:  970-249-4511

Callahan, Ryan:  970-249-3449

Cashen, Cheney & Thomas:  970-249-6611

Conerly, Mindi:  970-249-3449

Crossley Patent Law:  970-252-1138

Delman & Hotsenpiller:  970-240-976

Deneen & Associates:  970-249-9596

Devor, Dennis:  970-249-7000

Dooley, Steve:  970-249-4531

Fitzhugh, Rodney:  970-249-3766

Fleming & Stern:  970-240-2812

Gallegos Timoteo:  970-249-7676

Reed & Gilbert:  970-249-3806

Hawkins, Karen:  970-765-203

Kidnay, Brian:  970-249-1237

Krupa, John:  970-240-9977

Krute, Robert:  970-249-0578

Lange, Thomas:  970-249-3449

Lipsitz, Daniel:  970-240-2812

Lowenberg, Dan:  970-497-2204

Mahoney, James:  970-249-3806

Manley, Donald:  970-240-3040

Martin, Brent:  970-249-1237

Masters, David:  970-249-2622

McMullan, Regina:  970-249-9586

Overholzer, John:  970-249-4488

Regina, McMullan:  970-249-9586

Remmenga, Barbara J:  970-249-0689

Roushar, Victor:  970-249-4531

Sellars, Kathryn:  970-249-2622

Switzer, Bradley:  970-249-8749

Wilson, Jason:  970-249-3766

Woodrow, Frank:  970-249-4531

Montrose Area Mortgage Financing:  20 Business Listings under Mortgage Financing for Montrose, CO.

Mortgage Financing:

Alpine Bank:  970-240-0900

Bank of America Home Loans:  970-249-4636

Bank of Colorado:  970-240-4788

Bank of the West:  970-249-1111

Cherry Creek Mortgage:  970-252-9889

Chipeta Funding:  970-252-0791

Citi Financial:  970-249-1500

Cornerstone Mortgage:  970-249-6188

Community Banks of Colorado:  970-252-9076

Fidelity Mortgage:  970-252-1228

Inter-Mountain Funding Corp:  970-252-0306

Major Mortgage:  970-252-1700

Montrose Bank South:  970-249-5641

Republic Mortgage Home Loans:  970-249-1615

San Juan Mountains Credit Union:  970-249-5319

Timberline Bank:  970-240-5489

US Bank:  970-240-6000

Unifirst Mortgage:  970-249-9200

Vectra Bank:  970-252-6085

Wells Fargo Bank:  970-249-0394

Architects:  21 Business Listings, including architects, drafting, civil engineers, consulting engineers, geologists and hydrologists in Montrose, CO.


Chamberlain, Thomas:  970-240-7995

Davis, Patrik:  970-249-5404

Motley Architecture & Design:  970-249-1980


Design Build Unlimited:  970-249-1022

Fisher Construction & Design:  970-323-8836

Great WesternCad:  970-209-9768

WDR CAD Service:  970-323-6742

Civil Engineers:

Buckhorn Geotech:  970-249-6828

Del-Mont Consultants              :  970-249-2251

Hunter Engineering:  970-249-8670

Mesa Engineering:  970-249-7771

Souder Miller & Associates:  970-901-8434

Consulting Engineers:

Buckhorn Geotech:  970-249-6828

Carlson Engineering:  970-209-1852

General Physics:  970-240-4380

Lambert & Associates:  970-249-2154

Mesa Engineering:  970-249-7771

True North Consulting:  970-252-1832


Petrographic Services:  970-249-4750

Westwater Associates:  970-249-5683

Plumbing Contractors:  41 Business Listings for plumbing contractors in Montrose, CO.

A Rooter Man:  970-240-9154

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing:  970-249-6575

Bercillio Plumbing Service:  970-240-6180

Black Canyon Plumbing & Heating:  970-240-9573

Bob Long’s Earthworks & Plumbing:  970-252-9638

Carl Kelly Plumbing & Heating:  970-252-1650

Copper John Plumbing & Heating:  970-252-0174

Countryside Services:  970-249-0111

Deti Repair Service:  970-249-9579

Eagle Plumbing:  970-249-1816

Flow Tech Plumbing & Heating:  970-275-2629

Hot Water Heat:  970-240-2120

Hot Water Heat:  970-249-2440

Johnson Troy Plumbing:  970-249-3500

Keenan’s Plumbing:  970-249-3284

M & D Plumbing & Heating:  970-249-3450

Mad Dog Mechanical:  970-240-4864

Mr Plumber:  970-249-8241

Montrose Plumbing & Heating:  970-240-0412

PAR Mechanical:  970-249-9822

Pallante Plumbing & Heating:  970-327-4584

Peterson Plumbing & Heating:  970-249-3606

Pioneer Plumbing:  970-240-5979

Pressler Plumbing & Heating:  970-249-8704

Reid Rutherford Plumbing & Heating:  970-252-0044

S & R Plumbing & Heating:  970-249-9212

Silver Streak:  970-252-1075

Tapps Plumbing & Heating:  970-874-8866

Trident Plumbing & Heating:  970-249-4200

Western Slope Plumbing & Heating:  970-249-2508

Wild Country Plumbing & Heating:  970-240-3936

Montrose Area Manufactured/Mobile Homes & Parks:  6 Business Listings for manufactured/mobile homes and parks for Montrose, CO

Manufactured/Mobile Homes & Parks:

B & L Mobile Home Service:  970-240-3101

Magnolia Home Center:  970-249-8275

Cimarron Creek Community:  970-249-0493

Northbrook Villas:  970-249-8812

Paradise Village:  970-249-6043

River Meadows:  970-249-8266

Montrose, CO is the second largest service area on the Western Slope outside of Grand Junction. Locals travel from the West End of Montrose County and as far away as Crested Butte in Gunnison County to the East to benefit from our Montrose area businesses.

In the Businesses section, there are well over a thousand businesses that are grouped into categories. In these (15) categories you will find them to be in alphabetical order all the way from Architects to Veterinarians.

Some of the essential categories are for our medical professionals that include: Chiropractors, Counselors, Dentists, Physicians and Surgeons.

Additional categories that comprise our Businesses section are: Attorneys, Computers, Health/ Wellness and Lawn Care.

Within the following (5) categories you find additional sections to help you find the type of business or service you looking for.

The Contractors category includes: commercial building contractors, cabinet & cabinet makers, drywall contractors, electrical contractors, fence & fencing supplies, glass and window, home contractors, heating-ventilation-air conditioning contractors, painting contractors, plumbing & septic contractors. For many years Montrose has been well known for its numerous building trades and related occupations.

In the Financial category you will be able to find sections for accountants, banks, credit unions, insurance, investment advisors and tax preparation.

The Personal category includes all types of services for everyday living here in Montrose, CO. These valued providers include: barbers, child care, beauty salons and spas, dog grooming, house cleaning, photographers, and our vital senior services.

The Services category includes businesses from each of these areas: copiers, janitorial, office supply, pest control, printers, rental equipment, and small engine repair.

In Vehicle category you will find the following: auto dealers of both new and pre-owned vehicles, automotive repair, motorcycle & ATV dealers and tire and alignment. Here in Montrose, CO our vehicle services are an integral part of daily life.  Automotive services are vital to both the Local and the Visitor, many comment on the variety of craftsmen and their talent supporting vehicles here in Montrose.

Montrose Area Appraisers and Home Inspections:  6 Business Listings for appraisers and home inspections in Montrose, CO.

Real Estate Appraisers:

AA-Advanced Appraisals:  970-249-1420

Beall Appraisals:  970-249-2515

G & G Appraisal:  970-249-2761

Legg Appraisals:  970-323-8998

Mountain West Appraisal:  970-240-9073



Simmons Home Inspections:  970-209-4325